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International Studies in Bayside, New York

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The Asian American Coalition For Education (AACE) is a non-profit educational organization specializing in international studies in Bayside, New York. We help parents and school children, especially recent immigrants to the United States, understand the U.S. educational system and provide them with relevant information and services so that the children can improve school performance and quickly assimilate into the mainstream educational system.

Rising Star Preschool is a school under the Asian American Coalition for Education (est. 1996). We offer high-quality, bilingual programs at 2 locations in Bayside and Fresh Meadows. Our programs focus on discovering children’s potential while committing to their social and emotional development. Our programs are tailored for children ages 2 to 5 who will benefit from our curriculum that focuses on early childhood learning, building a sense of responsibility, determination, creativity, curiosity, and leadership.

育才學校旗下的育明星幼兒園以優質雙語教育為特色,探索開發孩子潛能,致力於促進孩子德智體美勞全方位發展。本園現招收幼童 2-5 歲幼兒,用 專業打造高品質的早教環境,著力培養孩子責任感、自主獨立意識、創造力、求知慾和領導力。

Our History
Since its founding in 1996, the AACE has regularly sponsored training courses for parents and students, held free seminars with tutoring, summer school, and a Chinese school, and organized many cultural and educational exchanges between the U.S. and China.

All of these programs have been hugely beneficial to the children in their educational progress, adaptability, and grade promotion. AACE has won wide praise and support from education and other government agencies and the communities it serves, which has grown to include not only Asian families but those of many other ethnicities as well. Each year, the organization’s activities become ever more diversified.

AACE Programs
AACE’s programs currently include:

  1. Student Training
    We offer numerous programs for students, including:
    1. Test Preparation: Offering a wide variety of prep courses taught by qualified teachers to give students a good foundation as well as prepare for Gifted Children class, statewide tests, and other standardized exams such as the Special High School, SSHS, PSAT, SAT, CAT, etc.
    2. Summer School: Classes integrate academic and talent classes with recreation and field trips. Students enjoy a balanced and multi-faceted program while working parents are relieved, knowing that their children are active, learning, and well cared for all day.
    3. Chinese School: Through this program, students learn the pinyin system of Chinese, simplified characters, traditional characters, standard pronunciation, conversational skills, composition, and Chinese culture.
    4. Talent Classes: Courses are offered in painting, music, dance, body exercise, Kung Fu, and other areas.
    5. After-school Tutoring: Tutors not only help with daily homework but also give extra coaching in academic subjects such as reading, writing, and math, and other areas such as music, dance, Kung Fu, and chess.
    6. Special Counseling: Experts give help and counsel to students on selection of and application to higher-level schools. Special services are provided for students who wish to study in the U.S.
  2. Parent Training
    Offering free educational seminars and workshops to help parents learn how to best monitor their children’s studies at home.
    1. Helps parents understand new standards set by the Department of Education from pre-school to 12th grade, review the contents of different school tests by doing simulation tests themselves, and learn how to better help their children.
    2. Assists parents in staying informed about school activities so that they can participate in their children’s school activities.
    3. Provides families with information about special advanced classes and the high school and college application and selection processes.
    4. Makes parents aware that their children may have an issue of adaptability as they go from primary to middle to high school to college.
    5. Advises parents on how to communicate with their children and their children’s teachers.
  3. Sponsoring of American-Chinese cultural and educational exchanges by setting up sister schools and special classes to learn about each other and organizing groups of American and Chinese school children to visit one another’s countries

Learn more about our Programs here.

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