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Homestay: Easing the Worries of Parents


As a trusted Chinese School in Bayside, New York, we come across parents and guardians who worry about their child’s safety and wellness. We welcome these doubts because we know that it is natural for a parent to worry about their child’s well-being especially when their child is off to an unfamiliar place surrounded by strangers. If this is you then this blog would help ease your worries and fears.

  • Host Family
    Parents and their children tend to worry about this when it comes to homestay. There is no such thing as a perfect family which is why parents can’t help but wonder if their child is treated properly, fed well, well-monitored, and safe around their host families. This is why we provide ample information about our host family in New York. Under our host family’s care, our learners get a glimpse of the cultural differences and learn more about other cultures.
  • Living Setup
    In line with cultural differences, parents often think about the kind of living setup their child will be in once they start living elsewhere. Parents want to know if their child is situated in a safe neighborhood, provided with all their needs, or resting in a comfortable bed. Our home and even our Summer camp in Bayside, New York is properly equipped, easily accessible, and comfortable where learners can enjoy their privacy and interact with others.
  • Schoolwork
    Above all, parents are worried if their children will excel in their studies abroad. Parents fret if homestaying will only distract their children from their studies or encourage them to do better. With our tutoring services on top of our homely treatment, we guarantee an exquisite homestay experience for our learners.

These problems are only a fraction of the worries of parents and the challenges that await homestay learners. But these problems and fears do not overrule the benefits of homestay.

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