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Involve Your Child in Art Activities


Some children already can express themselves formidably. They can talk to their parents and teachers directly about their thoughts and feelings, inform them about their likes and dislikes, and communicate their wishes.

However, other children struggle with self-expression. Because they can’t understandably communicate their needs, they tend to throw a fit. As a result, adults, like parents and teachers, become confused and even frustrated as to why the little one is upset.

One of the many ways to help your children work through their feelings and emotions is by allowing them to become deeply involved in art activities. According to our Chinese school in Bayside, New York, not only creating art can be fun for children, but it can also let them express themselves.

Art activities enable the child to expand their ability to interact with their surroundings. As a result, it gives them a new set of skills for communication and self-expression.

In Asian American Coalition For Education, we have fine arts programs and activities that allow children to participate and showcase their artistic talents. We also offer summer camp in Bayside, New York.

If you want to know more about our homestay programs and after school programs in Bayside, New York, please contact us today!

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