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Recognize and Acknowledge Your Child’s Concerns


Like adults, children can also feel stressed out with certain things that are going on with their personal and school life. Although their problems may not seem as complicated in the eyes of an adult, how they feel about their concerns should always be validated. Otherwise, it will impact their self-esteem, attitude, and behavior as they grow up.

For instance, if your child claims that they are too shy to make friends at school, you can choose to assist them instead of waiting for them to overcome their shyness. You can help them develop social connections by showing them how to react to friendly approaches. Doing a role-play also helps.

Another instance is if your child is having a hard time understanding their lessons right away. It is important to let them feel that you are acknowledging this problem and ready to guide them. You may also utilize tutoring services after school so that they will not get left behind.

If you enroll your child at Asian American Coalition For Education, not only will they receive quality education but also a chance to join our Summer camp in Bayside, New York. We want to make sure that they can study, socialize, and have fun at the same time!

To know more about what our Chinese School in Bayside, New York offers, please get in touch with us today!

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