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Ways to an Excellent Summer School Experience

Ways to an Excellent Summer School Experience

Summer is an exciting time for kids. Although for Asian children who just recently moved to the state, it may be less exciting as they’re still trying to adjust to the people, environment, and culture. Consider enrolling your children at our Chinese School in New York. We offer summer classes that are both fun and educational and would greatly help your child grow.

Of course, summer school programs will be more exciting and effective when you’ve chosen the right school for your child. Here’s what you can expect for your children when you enroll them in our summer program.

  • Prepare your child for extra work.
    Summer camp may require the students to study, work on their assignments, and browse through some reading materials, just like a regular academic class. It’s vital that your child is committed to this.
  • Expect interactive learning.
    Because there will be fewer students in a summer class, there will be more direct student-teacher interactions. You may want to advise your child to be fully attentive and to participate during group discussions if/when necessary.

Asian American Coalition For Education is a trusted name when it comes to International Studies in Bayside, New York. We offer a wholesome quality of education while maintaining your child’s safety, comfort, and overall growth. Our educational system not only focuses on academics; we also have a holistic approach to education that centers on recreational activities for the children to enjoy activities like music, dancing, painting, body coordination classes, among others.

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