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Why After-School Tutorials Work

Why After-School Tutorials Work

Asian American Coalition For Education is not just your Chinese School in Bayside, New York. We are every parent’s partner in providing quality education for their children.

We have a comprehensive approach to learning. Our Summer camp in Bayside, New York is designed to deliver education through fun and engaging activities.

We also have a wide range of Summer School Programs for your choosing.

While the children are in school, there is a way to ensure they get the maximum learning there is; through our After School programs. However, these activities outside school hours should not be seen as additional work for the child. There are many benefits to their learning.

  • One-on-one learning means a personalized approach that cannot be offered in the classroom. Every child is unique. We understand they would need different approaches to learning. Pressure from comparison is also unaccustomed.
  • Confidence is built through learning milestones. Progress makes us proud of ourselves. Consequently, every child builds their self-esteem from knowing they are getting better through tutoring.
  • Good study habits are practiced. With more time understanding how the student learns, barriers to learning are identified and prevented. One can also see how the child learns better. These observations build a solid routine for studying.

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