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Worries of the Transfer Student

Worries of the Transfer Student

Getting into a new school is a big moment for our kids. While some children may seem not to worry in front of their parents, we know better. As a Chinese school in Bayside, New York, we have seen how young people struggle and strive through such changes. Thus, Asian American Coalition For Education provides education activities that help kids adapt to the situation.

We make learning fun with our summer school programs. Our list of activities does not just improve educational outcomes but also the social and emotional component of the child. This starts with an understanding of their worries and concerns.

  • Not having any friends remains a top source of worry. Even adults struggle to make friends. While activities such as after school can be an avenue to meet new people, it takes confidence to open up.
  • Not knowing the school and the community makes the adjustment period complicated. Addressing academic gaps can be done with tutoring. However, integrating into the new school and the new neighborhood may need more “tutors”.
  • Not getting the feeling of belongingness may make the new kid feel more stressed about the situation. Routine daily activities may add more pressure. They can take time off with a summer camp in Bayside, New York.

The worries of a new student may be temporary, but they are valid. Addressing these concerns as soon as possible will make their experience more worthwhile.

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