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Expand Your English Vocabulary with These Quick and Easy Tips

Expand Your English Vocabulary with These Quick and Easy Tips

Asian American Coalition For Education targets to provide students with quality education through carefully organized programs administered by our professional staff. However, our Chinese School in Bayside, New York also believes that learning should not be limited to the classroom but also brought home. Here are some easy ways students can improve their English vocabulary at home.

  • Read and Read Well
    The more you spend time practicing reading, the more words you’ll be exposed to. Keep a dictionary at hand and look up any word you are unfamiliar with.
  • Start a Journal
    Keep a running list of the new words you discover so you can refer back to your list and slowly add them to your everyday vocabulary.
  • Focus on Learning One Word Per Day
    Experiment with how you use a word in sentences and situations. This not only reinforces the meaning of the words in your brain – learning just one word a day removes a bit of the pressure that comes with learning a new language and replaces it with a new-found self-confidence.
  • Make It into a Game
    Mix bonding time with learning time by playing word games with your family during the weekends or after dinner every day.

Want to improve more on a specific subject? We offer tutoring services to students who need a little more push and support.

We also have an After School available for all ages. Our Summer camp in Bayside, New York is also an option for children who want to continue developing their skills over the summer. For more details, you may contact us here.

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