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The Advantages of Joining a Homestay Program

The Advantages of Joining a Homestay Program

Many students fantasize about traveling abroad to learn, however, only a handful of them know about homestay and the benefits that they may glean from such a program.

As a Chinese School in Bayside, New York, we aim to help students fulfill their dreams of higher education by providing them with the opportunity to learn while in a different country.

Here are some of the benefits your children may gain from our homestay program.

  • Language and Culture Immersion
    We at Asian American Coalition For Education believe that the best way to teach a child is by letting him experience the lesson first—hand. Through our homestay program, your child will be immersed in not just in the American language, but also in its culture.
  • You Become a Member of the Family
    Even if your visit may only last a month or two, many students find that their host families are forever. Our program gives your child a new family network that can provide them with invaluable support and encouragement.

For students already living in the United States, we have other learning options, such as Summer camp in Bayside, New York.

We also have an After School program that may be perfect for what your child needs.

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