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Helping Your Children Develop Good Study Habits

Helping Your Children Develop Good Study Habits

Along with hard work, studying is essential in achieving academic success. It does not matter whether they attend International Studies in Bayside, New York or other programs. Encouraging your young ones to develop good study habits early on is important. How can you help them develop such habits?

  • Set up a study area.

    Whether your little ones study overseas, at a homestay or go to a Chinese School in New York, they need to study. When they come home, there should be an area specific to studying.

    Choose a corner or room in your house that can be the study area. Make sure that your young ones are comfortable when studying there. The room or corner must have good ventilation and good lighting. Do not forget desks and chairs along with school supplies.

  • Establish a study schedule.

    The study area is worthless if your children will not use it. So, you need to come up with a study schedule. Find out the best time for your youngsters to study. It can be after school or even after their Summer School Programs.

  • Consider organizing a study group.

    Many children love to study when they are in a group. A study group may be beneficial to your own youngsters. Invite their classmates over so they can study together. This also gives you the opportunity to know your children’s peers more.

These are just simple ways to get you started. If you need a tutor to help your youngsters further, Asian American Coalition for Education opens its arms to them. Call us now!

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