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3 Ways We Welcome Immigrant Students and Their Families

3 Ways We Welcome Immigrant Students and Their Families

Moving to a new country means changing your life. You will be in an entirely new home and community. Furthermore, you will be surrounded by a brand new culture and a different language.

While you have a lot to worry about, you will probably worry the most about your children. They will have to face their own obstacles while doing their best in school. You and your children are not alone. One out of every four children in the United States is an immigrant or born of immigrant parents.

At Asian American Coalition For Education, a renowned provider of International Studies in Bayside, New York, we do our best to help parents and school children, particularly recent immigrants to the United States. We help them understand the U.S. educational system and provide them with pertinent services so that their children can thrive in the mainstream educational system.

Here are some ways that we welcome immigrant students and their families:

  1. A Face-to-Face Meeting
    Every child is unique. We recognize that just because two families come from the same place does not mean that they have similar experiences. For example, we recognize that some students may have homestay tutors, while others may have experienced interrupted schooling. By scheduling a meeting, we can learn more about your family, and you can learn more about our organization as well.
  2. Bridging Language Barriers
    One of the biggest challenges that immigrant students and families face is the language barrier. As a Chinese School in New York, we have the advantage of being able to speak and understand Chinese. This bridges the language barrier between our staff and your family.
  3. Providing Resources
    While our organization can’t meet all of the needs of immigrant families, we can still provide you with relevant resources.

With our specialized services, we can help you and your children in assimilating into a new environment.

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