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Tips on How to Prepare Your Child for School

Tips on How to Prepare Your Child for School

Worrying about preparing your child for school? Here are some strategies from our experts at Asian American Coalition For Education.

As a renowned source of International Studies in Bayside, New York, we hope you keep these tips in mind to ensure your child’s success in school:

  • Academic Readiness

    To academically prepare your child for school, you should:

    • Read to them daily.
    • Help them learn basic colors and shapes.
    • Let them visit the library and attend storytime sessions.
    • Sing the alphabet song to help them recognize the letters of the alphabet.
    • Provide them with games and puzzles that need counting and problem-solving skills.
  • Social Readiness

    To socially prepare your child for school, you should:

    • Set specific rules and give consequences if they break them.
    • Set regular mealtime, bedtime, and morning routines.
    • Arrange play dates to help your child get used to interacting with their peers.
    • Encourage your child to consider the feelings of others.
    • Be a model of positive social behaviors.
    • Discourage screaming, biting, and other negative behaviors.
  • Communication Readiness

    To make sure that your child can communicate well in school, you should:

    • Encourage your child to listen to others when they speak.
    • Consistently talk with your child.
    • Help your child learn and use new words.
    • Explore language with your child through songs, rhymes, and chants.

The Takeaway

Every child faces challenges at school, particularly children with foreign background who are still getting used to the U.S. educational system. However, with the right preparation and guidance, your child can still thrive in school no matter what obstacles they face.

As a respected Chinese School in New York, we do everything that we can to help your children adjust to their new environment. We offer a variety of programs, from talent classes, after school programs, summer camp, and more!

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