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How Shy Kids Make Friends at School


Friends are a lifetime treasure. In the world that we live in today, making friends is considered a skill. At school, making friends appear easy. However, not every child is friendly and extroverted. There are shy kids who may want to start making friends but do not know how. Opportunities, such as a summer camp in Bayside, New York, is a great way to start.

As your Chinese school in Bayside, New York, there are many of these opportunities. While education remains at the core of the Asian American Coalition For Education, we understand the importance of social skills.

Our after school programs are not just providing tutoring lessons. We cover a diverse range of learning areas for the comprehensive development of your child. While your kids and their peers are learning together, they practice their social skills. Here are some ways shy kids can make friends at school.

  1. Use conversation starters such as a simple “Hi”. They can ask how they are or ask about a pen they can borrow. The kid can carry the conversation by asking about the things available in plain sight.
  2. Check out common likes and interests. After starting the conversation, they can open up about the things they have in common. Although this may not happen immediately, observation and listening skills play a crucial role in looking or hearing some clues.
  3. Be approachable; a gentle smile can invite a shy or hesitant soul. The kid can smile first and remain open with every interaction. Avoid displaying dismissive body language such as crossed shoulders or wearing headphones.

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