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Practice and Apply What You Learn


How does learning stay longer? Is there a way for the memory to store what has been learned for a longer time?

Recalling lessons and concepts is more than helping the student pass an exam. For whatever role or job these kids will be doing in the future, recalling what they have learned in school or in after school can help them navigate complex situations. So, how to recall better?

Just like in any situation, we learn better when we practice what we have understood. Concepts and ideas are hammered into our minds once we understand how they work and their applications. Practicing may be about exploring the ideas through experiments or observation. Applying these concepts to real-life situations makes the kids wiser. The lessons in science and math are not limited to the book exercises. They can explore real-life applications, including their own, making the recall.

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Asian American Coalition For Education has been your reliable Chinese school in Bayside, New York. Let us continue providing your children and the next generation with quality education.

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