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Things to Know About Effective Study Habits


There is no perfect recipe for becoming the model “A” student in the class. Parents should learn that it relies on the child’s study habits. Developing a routine to stay organized with the lessons of your child is good. And you can make it better with the experts from the Chinese School in Bayside, New York. They know young minds can be challenged with different routines.

Here are some good study techniques according to the Huntington Learning Center:

  1. Building strong habits in doing homework

    Children enrolled in Kindergarten and Grade school have homework to attend to. Join them when doing these activities every time they get home. When you develop it, you can be sure the children will follow it throughout their student life.

  2. Helping children identify resources

    Encyclopedias are examples of good resources for their learning. You can also suggest useful books and trusted websites to aid in their learning process. You can consider hiring tutors for this after school homework.

  3. Making sure studies are more of a priority

    Families have different activities at home. That is a reason why people inside the house should focus on the learning process of young minds. Set a schedule suited for their studies.

  4. Fostering independence

    Students in a homestay expand higher learning endeavors. You can be confident that they are independent in doing their studies on their own because you taught them while they were young.

Parents should discover fun ways to let their child learn about lessons in life other than academic lessons. One example is our summer camp in Bayside, New York, which teaches teamwork, leadership, and strategic skills to kids.

Asian American Coalition for Education offers Summer School Programs and other educational programs geared towards better study habits. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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