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How to Help Your Child with their Studies


Children’s potentials, talents, and capabilities vary. Some may excel in mathematics, but some do not. Some are good at arts and music, and some aren’t. But it does not mean that they are not good enough. It simply means that their path of excellence is different from others. However, given static curriculum, children who don’t excel in some fields may struggle with some of their subjects.

Do you have a child who struggles in class? If so, here are some ways to help them according to a Chinese School in Bayside, New York:

  • Communicate with Them.
    Talking to your child allows you to know which fields they excel or struggle with, therefore enabling you on how to help. Listening to what they have to say also gives them assurance that they are supported and cared for.
  • Support them with Homework.
    Immersing your child in some tutoring or After School Programs in Bayside, New York, supplements what they learn in school and help them in the fields or subjects they struggle with. You can also request tutors to introduce advanced topics early on to prevent the stress caused by the unfamiliar.
  • Let Your Child Engage in Fun Activities.
    Sometimes doing something fun is all a child needs to blow off steam and relieve their stress. Fun yet brain-stimulating activities or even a good time on a summer camp in Bayside, New York, can also encourage your child to optimize their strengths and provide them with mental clarity to face their weaknesses.

If your child needs extra support with their education, please don’t hesitate to contact Asian American Coalition For Education. We’d be happy to give you and your child a hand!

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