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The Benefits of Playtime for Your Children

the-benefits-of-playtime-for-your-childrenPlaytime is highly crucial for every child’s childhood. Aside from it being an excellent means of entertainment for them, playtime also has a lot to contribute to a child’s growing mind and body. This is why a Chinese School in Bayside, New York, incorporates fun and playtime into lessons not just to stimulate enjoyment but also to help students absorb as much knowledge as possible and help retain more information.

Other benefits of playtime to growing children include:

  • It Encourages Social Interaction.
    Playing with other children after school allows your child to make friends and learn life values such as teamwork, camaraderie, and cooperation.

  • Stimulates Brain Activity.
    As your child explores as they play, they can encounter new things that will pique their interest and curiosity, which can stimulate brain activity. Certain games can also encourage critical thinking and problem-solving, therefore maximizing brain development.

  • Promotes Physical Activity.
    Physical activity is highly crucial for a child’s growing body, and they can get the physical activity their body needs from enjoyable games such as tag, hide-and-seek, or hopscotch.

Help your child make the most out of their childhood by letting them learn and grow through playtime, or better yet, enroll them in a summer camp in Bayside, New York, where fun yet brain-stimulating activities await!

For summer camps or after school programs in Bayside, New York, please feel free to contact Asian American Coalition For Education.

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