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Immersion: The Benefits for Non-American Students

immersion-the-benefits-for-non-american-students As learners from different backgrounds and communities, international students may find it hard to cope with the norms, ways of living, and studying here in the US. The setup here may be different than in their hometown, and blending with locals After School can be helpful in the acquisition of added skills and familiarization.

With an immersion program, students from a Chinese School in Bayside, New York, will have the chance to meet and stay with local families – which can, later on, be helpful with their societal and educational adjustment.

In a complete home immersion setup, students will have an opportunity to join a family in their everyday lives and their events. They can go to Summer camp in Bayside, New York, with them, go out during holidays, join mealtime, and even share a room with a member of the same gender and age. And get the same care and treatment as a family should – like having a new one away from home.

can learn many things from their homestay hosts. Know about their culture, new life skills, the differences and similarities among their families, and other knowledge other than those. They can carry all the learnings, values, and experiences in their lifetime and share them with others.

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We also have After School Programs in Bayside, New York, to help you achieve academic excellence.

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