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Interesting Facts About the Chinese Language


Learning a language not only opens opportunities in the future but also provides a higher sense of understanding of the origin and culture of a certain country. Language learning also helps increase vocabulary and reduces cognitive deterioration. Children learn faster than adults, that’s why at a Chinese school in Bayside, New York, various languages are introduced to learners.

One of the many languages widely spoken and used globally is the Chinese language. Before learning Chinese, one must know something about such a language. First of all, the Chinese language is the oldest written language in the world. It uses characters that are not the same as the alphabet, and in fact, has over 80,000 characters.

There are so many interesting facts about the Chinese language that you and your children could learn over time as they join the after school programs in Bayside, New York. Such a program includes learning Chinese pinyin using both simplified and traditional characters. This program focuses on tutoring students that seek academic excellence.

Encouraging your children to learn a language has multiple benefits, and you have to be positive about it. You may need to show them how relevant it is in society. Helping them learn the language also means introducing them to the Chinese culture. This process is included in our summer camp in Bayside, New York.

If you want to help your kids learn the Chinese language and culture, we at Asian American Coalition for Education will assist you in your kids’ needs.

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