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Online Class Programs for Student Who Live Abroad

Online Class Programs for Student Who Live Abroad

Here at the Asian American Coalition For Education, we want to support children who want to continue studying in our school while they are in their country or specific homes. Our Chinese school in Bayside, New York, offers online learning courses for children who have enrolled in our homestay program.

We understand that some children prefer learning in their homes because to them, it is more effective and convenient. Some also would prefer homestay learning because they don’t want to live away from their families. This is why we designed online programs for children to continue their studies here in New York while they are abroad.

Parents don’t have to worry about their children’s education because we can guarantee that once they are enrolled at our school, they will be provided with all the guidance they need to make this learning arrangement easier. Our educators will make sure to hear them out and teach them using an effective pedagogical method for this setting.

Aside from the online classes we offer, you can also avail of our tutoring services. This is beneficial to your children because they can get the extra assistance they require in their academics. Tutors will guide them to specific subjects they struggle with and make it easier for them to understand.

In case you come back to the country during the summer, our summer camp in Bayside, New York, awaits you. To know more, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

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