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Taking the Leap: Tips for Moving to High School

Taking the Leap: Tips for Moving to High School

Change is part of everyday life. Change can also mean progress. In our education system, a child gets to transition into a higher grade after a year – a move to signify one’s progress. Asian American Coalition For Education supports the progress made by our young men and women. As your Chinese School in Bayside, New York, we celebrate every progress made.

Since progress means change, the transition can be challenging for anyone, especially the kids. Students may have mixed feelings about the change – worries, fears, and even intimidation. On the other hand, they may feel proud of their achievements and get excited for what comes next.

A child needs support in every way. While we offer tutoring activities, a child would need additional support in making these big transitions. The good news is that the parent can positively influence this transition.

Before the class starts or even before enrolling, visit possible schools with your child. Learn about how the teachers and the classes are. Visit the school facilities. If a decision is not yet made, asking kids about their input can be positive for them. When it is already decided, they would have the chance to familiarize themselves with the new environment.

Encourage participation in different activities. Learn about the different extracurricular activities your child can join. After School programs are a good way to get interaction with classmates.

Before the school year starts, a Summer camp in Bayside, New York can be a breath of fresh air for them. Call us for inquiries.

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