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Should You Send Your Children to Summer School?

Should You Send Your Children to Summer School?

Summer school programs offer a wide array of benefits that can help your children, especially if you just moved to the States. As your children find ways to adjust to their new environment, they may struggle in school or may have a challenging time making friends.

Summer camp can provide a solution to this problem and here is how:

  • Making New Friends
    Our summer school can help your children meet new friends. This is because they are going to be surrounded by other children going through the same thing they are. This makes it easier for them to relate, and it can provide them with the emotional support they need in order to adjust properly to their new settings.
  • Superb Classes
    Our Chinese school in New York offers superb classes that can teach your little one all of the mainstream subjects from Math to English. This can help them improve their grades and even ease into a foreign education system that they are not used to.
  • It Is Fun
    We make sure that our international studies in Bayside, New York are fun and exciting for your children. This way they will look forward to learning, meeting new people, and enjoying life in their new home.

Come and check out our summer camp programs and see if they are the right fit for your little one. Asian American Coalition for Education also offers other classes and services at your convenience. Feel free to visit us today or give us a call for more information.

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