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Top 5 Benefits of After-School Tutorials

Top 5 Benefits of After-School Tutorials

Do you think that your child needs some backup when it comes to their learning progress in school? Know that it’s alright to seek help. As a facilitator of International Studies in Bayside, New York for around two decades, we’ve seen the potent effect of working hand-in-hand in enhancing a student’s learning progress.

Whether you’re a recent immigrant to the country or simply need some push for your child’s study habits, we’re to assist you through our after-school tutorials.

Consider these benefits to your child’s learning:

  1. Individualized and One-on-One Learning
    Our tutors will assist your child in a way that they prefer. We recognize that every child is unique, so our one-on-one tutorials address this need. Consequently, your child will not feel pressured about having to match up with someone because they’re learning individually.
  2. Enhanced Learning
    With further tutorial, your child can greatly improve in the way they understand the lessons. For instance, if they’re still new to our Chinese School in New York, our tutors can provide supplemental education so that what they have learned in class earlier can be reinforced.
  3. Builds Self-Esteem
    As your child increases in their learning, they can begin to feel more confident about themselves. Their additional knowledge enables them to be at par with their classmates, so that they can now go along with the discussions.
  4. Improves Study Habits
    Effective studying is strengthened with good study habits. When these habits are well-designed and established, your child gains more foothold in learning deeper. This is what tutorials can help them with.
  5. Overcomes Obstacles
    Our tutors assist your child in identifying what learning obstacles they have so that these can be addressed accordingly. For this reason, when Summer School Programs become necessary to eradicate obstacles, these are provided.

Our after-school programs at Asian American Coalition For Education are ever intended to nurture your child’s learning potential. This way, the rewards of quality learning can be imprinted in their lives, which prepare them for a great future.

Are you interested about these tutorials? Ask us about these.

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