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Transitioning to High School: How Parents Can Help

Transitioning to High School: How Parents Can Help

For many students who just finished middle school, such as those from a Chinese School in New York, they may find the transition to high school a bit difficult. It can be intimidating for them to roam around unfamiliar buildings or interacting with older teens.

At times, the intimidation, fear, and worries they feel may translate to less motivation to go to school. They might even think of dropping out or opting for a homestay in New York. Help your young ones in their transition to high school by following these tips:

  • Visit the school beforehand.

    Visiting the institution before school starts will help improve their familiarity with the place as well as the people in it. This is a great way for your youngsters to get a feel of what the school and the faculty are like.

  • Encourage interaction with older teens.

    Your middle schoolers can benefit from interacting with older teens. Socializing with an older age group helps them to become more comfortable with these individuals. It will be good if Summer School Programs are happening at the school you are about to visit. This way, your youngsters can get to see and meet older teens at the same school that they are about to enroll in.

  • Encourage participation in various extracurricular activities.

    While your youngsters may be studying hard for International Studies in Bayside, New York, they also need to participate in different extracurricular activities. These activities will help them become more socially-inclined and confident in their transition. They get to meet other people and develop their social skills which are essential in high school.

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