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Unique but the Same – Teaching Children Diversity


Activities that teach children about diversity will help them respect and celebrate the differences in all people. It will also give kids new experiences.

It’s important that children realize that despite people’s differences, we are all human. Thus, games and activities would offer a fun way for children to learn about differences and similarities among people. Summer school programs that are open to all kinds of different races, religions, genders, and traditions are one example of a fun diversity-learning activity.

Other activities that help children learn and appreciate differences are:

  • Skin Color Match-Ups
    Using nylon knee-high stockings in various shades of color, encourage children to try the stockings on their hands, arms, or feet. While they’re doing this, you can teach them about the different skin tones and ethnic backgrounds.
  • Hair, Hair Everywhere
    Showing children photographs of different hair types and colors, discuss to them how people have different sets of hair. Teach them also how to care for different types of hair and let them style their classmate’s hair after.
  • Diversity Bingo
    Using bingo cards, place an image of something from a specific culture in each square. Show them pictures that relate to different cultures, ask them what culture it comes from, and let them answer using their bingo card.

These are only some of the fun activities our Chinese School in Bayside, New York suggests. You can also search online or ask people from other ethnicities about their games.

It’s always good to teach children diversity. This fosters respect in them and will help them develop a good attitude. Know more about our after school programs in Bayside, New York today.

You may also visit Asian American Coalition For Education! We also offer summer camp in Bayside, New York.

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