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Addressing Your Child’s Emotional Concerns


Every person has emotional needs, including children who may have trouble expressing themselves. These concerns should not be disregarded just because they are young and have trouble communicating what they think and feel to adults.

If left unaddressed, unmet emotional needs can impact their adult life. Thus, the family plays an important role in ensuring a safe space where the emotional needs of the child are addressed.

In the very beginning, it is essential to establish a safe ground. The parent or adult will not be able to address a concern that is unknown even to the child. By talking to your children about emotional and social issues, they are learning more about these topics. They gain an appreciation that such discussions can happen without any embarrassment or harm.

Aside from establishing a safe environment, the child may be reluctant to share first. You must initiate these conversations by probing or asking open-ended questions. In this way, your child is encouraged to respond and communicate better.

To keep progressive, the parent must let the child know and feel they are being valued. Give them time to speak and listen when it is their turn. Pay attention to their verbal and non-verbal expressions. Addressing your child’s emotional and social concerns is part of their growth.

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