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Creative Ways Your Child Can Learn Pinyin


Learning Chinese has many benefits. It helps the child build critical analysis and language skills. As we are becoming more global, learning another language is seen as an advantage in career and professional development.

As your Chinese School in Bayside, New York, we promote fun and effective learning methods. Asian American Coalition For Education continues to inspire learning in every student. We understand some kids may find learning Chinese (or another language) to be challenging while others progress faster. Nevertheless, we try to maximize your child’s learning in all our programs.

Learning Hanyu Pinyin is a fundamental part of the journey to learning the Chinese language. But it can get difficult. When kids are frustrated, they will lose interest and faith in the subject. With the right teaching methods, there are fun ways you can help children to learn Pinyin better.

  • Using stories
    Stories are very relatable. Learning words have more value when we understand the context. Through stories, the child can visualize the word’s meaning and later on recall that word.
  • Using songs
    Songs add a more creative twist to remembering words – especially those that are difficult and complex. A child can remember faster with some melody to what they are speaking.
  • Using text-based games
    Games add a competitive layer to learning and a certain enthusiasm to learn. Kids are more inspired to learn when they are challenged.

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