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The Characteristics That Make a Good Tutor


Have you recently interviewed some potential tutors for your child but cannot seem to find the best one? Choosing your child’s tutor can become a very important decision. Aside from looking at the person’s teaching experience, some traits and characteristics make them better for your child.

The next time you screen candidates, evaluate how they are in terms of the following items.

  • Patience – while a tutor’s job, for the most part, is teaching, the whole experience requires understanding and tolerance of the child’s behavior. Is the tutor able to keep their cool and effective in bringing back the child’s interest in the task at hand?
  • Versatility – your candidate may share how they teach but what sounds effective on other kids does not necessarily translate to your child. Look for evidence of their flexibility and how they adapt to changing conditions and behaviors of their students.
  • Communication – how well does your tutor communicate to you (as a parent) and to your child (as their student)? The tutor’s skill in expressing ideas in a simple and relatable manner can help learning become easier and improve recall.

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